Active Support

Running a show the size of a Gang Show is no small feat and we couldn't do it without the help and support of adult volunteers within our Active Support Unit.

Active Support & Gang Show

In West Wirral we run a separate active support unit for those who just wish to be involved with the Gang Show. These adult volunteers may have other roles within Scouting or Guiding, or may just help out for one show. Either way it's the easiest way for us to manage the large number of adults involved in the show who are not appearing on stage.

I'd like to help out, how do i join?

If you're an existing leader elsewhere just send an e-mail to your local commissioner asking to join, they'll put you in contact with our Active Support manager. If you're a parent of a cast member we'll give you full details during rehearsals as to how you can join and help us out. For everyone else, please use our contact us form to get in touch.

Are there any requirements?

As with all volunteer positions in Scouting/Guiding you'll need to complete a Disclosure check, it's a short form and a legal requirement we have to undertake but it's not hard. Plus we'll pay the application fee on your behalf so there is no cost to you.

Cast Minders & Parent Helpers

To adhere to our legal requirements all Cast Minders and Parent Helpers who volunteer to help backstage during performances will need to complete a disclosure check. Once completed you'll automatically become a member of our Active Support unit. If you don't want to join the unit just let us know and we'll take you off future event notifications.